August 17th

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Family Gaming Feud!

Do you and your family play games together? Then find out who is the best!

How to play!

Rule Changes:

You will get to play all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before needing to submit your score!

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Fortnite Tournament Rules

1. Starting on  August 17th, 12pm PST / 3pm EST each player will have till NEXT day, August 19th, 12am PST / 3am EST to submit a screenshot of their stats (60 hours of play time).
2. No squad or duo play allowed, only solo.
3. Make sure to press V (on PC), or X (on console) to get your current stats for the match. Take a screenshot or picture and submit to
4. All screenshots must be legible to qualify. Email must include Epic Game name and Real name to verify player.
5. Modified screenshots in any way will be disqualified. If screenshots not submitted in time will be disqualified.
6. Points will be calculated from these screenshots to determine the winners: kills, placement, head shots, and total score.
7. Winners will be notified by email and payment will be sent by certified mail to address on file.
8. SPG will follow Epic Games Code of Conduct and FAQs.
9. All rules are subject to change.

* You can take cash or your choice of either a Playstation 4 plus extra controller or Xbox 1 S plus extra controller.

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