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June 8th

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We teach you and give you all the skills you need as a gamer to become a pro eSports competitor


Compete online globally for prizes alongside your team against others who are on your same level.

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We have an interactive network which allows you to meet other gamers and recruit them instantly.

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Meet up locally to attend or compete in incredible in-person eSports events you won’t want to miss!

Learn how to start competing professionally in eSports tournaments Wanna know more?


Here at Star Prime Gaming, we pride ourselves in providing the best and most fair gaming services and competitions for all of our gamers. We are gamers ourselves, which helps us understand the many key components of what makes gameplay enjoyable and what is required to keep a competitive, yet fun atmosphere.

We also take the time to spread the positive benefits gaming brings to people personally and to society as a whole, and raise awareness on issues such as bullying, suicide, and addiction with the help of the “One Man Volleyball Team”, Bob Holmes.

Training and Tutorial

Aside from providing competitive gaming tournaments, we are looking to inspire new gamers and give them the confidence and know-how they need to be able to compete globally. We cover everything from the simplest basics such as how to properly hold a controller, to more advanced topics such as entering your first tournament. Whether you are just starting out and looking to someday enter and compete in global gaming tournaments, or are an experienced gamer who wants to sharpen up your skills, our training and tutorial sessions can help you achieve your gaming goals.

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Want to compete in an online gaming tournament now? We have tournaments available in amateur, semi-pro, and pro levels. Create an account with us today, choose your game and platform, and you will be assigned to compete in a tournament where you will have the ability to win a prize.

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  • Transitioning from a Hobby
  • How to Compete in Tournaments