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Compression for Gamers

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What SPG supports!

Star Prime Gaming is dedicated to helping those that have a hard time helping themselves. We support organizations with 5% of our proceeds, because it is up to all of us to make a difference.

Early Access Membership

By joining our early access monthly membership you will be the first to receive updates for when our tournaments will be coming, you will get to join them for no extra cost, and receive StarPrimeTokens (SPT) instead of StarPrimeCoins (SPC), which will convert at a rate of 1:2. You will also receive a newsletter, which will contain information about the direction Star Prime Gaming is going and other important info about tournaments. You can gain SPC for joining and for verified submissions for each tournament and if you are one of the winners you will gain SPT.

Star Prime Gaming and Cryptocurrency

Star Prime Gaming is the first video gaming company to utilize blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to pay our users for playing in tournaments, adding quality content to the site, and educating/coaching. Join us in early access to receive StarPrimeTokens. Convert StarPrimeTokens into StarPrimeCoins, when available, and use the StarPrimeCoins to purchase merchandise and services from our site.

Star Prime Gaming has a vision.

Our vision is to bring a great community of gamers together, sharing information and helping each other to achieve not only great levels in gaming, but also in each others lives. We plan to do this by utilizing current and future technology, as it comes out, to build tools and blockchain processes to help our community to play games and earn currency while doing it.


  • Learn about ICOs (Blockchains and Cryptocurrency)
  • Let us show you how to create your own ICO

Online Training

We teach you and give you all the skills you need as a gamer to become a pro eSports competitor


Compete online globally for prizes alongside your team against others who are on your same level.

Build Your Team

We have an interactive network which allows you to meet other gamers and recruit them instantly.

Gaming Events

Meet up locally to attend or compete in incredible in-person eSports events you won’t want to miss!

about us

Here at Star Prime Gaming, we take pride in providing the best and most fair gaming services and competitions for all of our gamers.

We are gamers, which means we understand the key components of what makes gameplay enjoyable and competitive.

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