Here at Star Prime Gaming, we pride ourselves in providing the best and most fair gaming services and competitions for all our members. We are gamers ourselves, which gives us the perfect frame of reference for knowing how to create a fun and competitive atmosphere.

We also spread the word on the many positive benefits gaming has on people both personally and on society as a whole. In the spirit of that, we partnered up with Bob Holmes the “One Man Volleyball Team” in order to help raise awareness on issues such as bullying, suicide, and addiction.


We are Star Prime Gaming, the leader in providing online competitive gaming tournaments and educating players to help their gaming skills reach the next level. As we hosts competitions, we also love to spread the word about the positive impact gaming can have on individuals and on society. According to scientific research gaming has these 9 positive benefits:

Improves coordination

When someone plays a video game, they are not just staring at the computer inactively with a blank mind. The activities and actions needed to play a video game provide planty of mental stimulation. For a video game to be played, the player needs to coordinate their visual, audial and physical movement accordingly.

Improves problem-solving skills

Every video games involve some sort of rules. This in turn causes players to think carefully and creatively before making any choice to ensure that they stay within the parameters of what’s allowed in the game. Players often times needs to make split- second decisions that in turn decide whether or not they win or level up.

Enhances memory

Playing a video game repetitively requires both visual and audial memory. Players are required to take mental note of instructions which might have been provided just once at the start of the game, therefore this forces players to remember them throughout the entire game to be able to play properly. This helps your memory.

It's a great source of learning

Gaming is beneficial to adults, teenagers, and to children as well. In fact, Many educational institutions worldwide incorporate video games as a teaching method. This greatly helps players improve their academic skills by providing video games that are targeted at improving cognitive and creative skills.

Improves the brain's speed

While  playing a game, the brain receives a multitude of visual and audio stimulations. According to scientific research and studies, those who play video games frequently and daily can process these stimulations faster than others. This is because the brain is continuously working to interpret them.

Enhances multitasking

Action games, for example, require players to be very observant. Video Games require you to be able to move your joystick or keys while looking at the various features on your screen such as energy levels, oncoming adversaries, ammunitions left, available time among other key indicators, all which are vital to winning

Benefits Creative Thinking

Creativity ultimately leads to health benefits, and video games are proven to certainly develop creativity. This applies to all types of games. The creativity then passes through to a person’s abilities in life. They then start to find a new way to handle situations in real life, and become far more valuable at work due to their way of thinking.

Improves social skills

Gaming enables players to engage in a games simultaneously. In doing so, there is constant communication between the players in the game which in turn results in the development of meaningful as well as casual friendships among them. This helps players meet new people while also strengthening bonds with their existing friends.

Improves focus and concentration

Video games, particularly action games, have been proven to be able to captivate players and gain their attention for the entire duration of gameplay. This happens because the player’s need to achieve certain objectives within the game is great and focus is needed to be able to progress in the game.

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