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what i will learn

  1. Learn from professional gamers.
  2. Ways to keep alive longer.
  3. Best strategies for being in the top 10.
  4. How to play better with keyboard/mouse or controller.
  5. Walkthroughs of each character, gun, material, and equipment.

Sample Video

Overwatch Soldier combat

how can this help me?


Are you new to the tournament world and want to compete at a much higher level? Maybe you’re looking for that extra knowledge and just don’t want to sort through the bad information to find the gem?

We are here to help and even to give you the extra edge to your performance.

Star Prime Gaming University is coming. Here you will be able to learn many tricks, tips, techniques, and how to get into a professionals mindset.

Start winning with SPGU!


Already experienced in tournaments and gaming? Want to gain the edge to get to win more?

Our educational resources can be of great benefit to you!

Have our experts analyze  your game play, give you tips on how to use your keyboard/mouse or controller better, or even hire one as a coach for you or your team!

Come join Star Prime Gaming University, and up your skill to the next level! Or maybe you want to become one of our experts.

Time to Be a Better Gamer

What are you waiting for? Join Star Prime Gaming and level up! Join in the fun and take the control(ler) to win!

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