Compete in Our Fortnite Solo Tournament on June 8 2018

Do you play Fortnite? Got Skill? Sign up for our Fortnite Battle Royale Solo Tournament 2018. The entree fee is just $15 with a 1st place prize of $250. Simply purchase your entry here and on June 8 2018, be ready to show off what you’re made of! This is the perfect chance to test your skills in Fortnite and start your eSports career.

Here are the real cash prizes if you win in this Fortnite tournament:

Prizes given:

1st – $250

2nd – $150

3rd – $50

4th – 10th – $20

11th – Nth (10% of sign-ups) – $10 (Prizes will be awarded with a pre-paid visa card)


How does a Fortnite Battle Royale tournament work? Well, the battle royale game type does not lend itself to typical custom matches you normally see in tournament matches. However! We have found a perfect solution for determining the winners. Scoring will be done using a points system. A point total will be calculated based on: number of kills, placement in match, and head shots.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a game mode that pits a large number of players against one another in an open world environment, complete with a mechanism “The Storm” which is game mechanism that forces all the players to a smaller and smaller location throughout the game, with deadly consequences if they don’t comply. This is an ever blossoming eSports game and full of surprises and and ever improving skill sets!

Don’t miss out and sign up for our Fortnite eSports SOLO tournament today! Make some extra income while doing what you love. To sign up for and/or for the full rules and more information on this Fortnite tournament, please visit this page.

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