Contest – How You Could Win A New NZXT Custom Gaming PC

With new PC video games coming out, a fast, new Gaming PC is a must. If you don’t have an efficient PC, playing the latest games can be quite a challenge. Or even worse, not having a PC means you’re missing out on even playing these games. But, what if there was an easy way to get the Gaming PC of your dreams FOR FREE?

Yes, you can WIN a brand new custom NZXT gaming PC for FREE! How? Enter our contest and you’ll have your chance to be selected as the winner.

Here’s how you can enter our contest to win a FREE NZXT gaming PC:

1. Share.

Go to our instagram profile at . Select one of our posts about this contest and share it to your personal instagram account. You could simply do this by taking a screenshot of our post and re-posting it. When you post, make sure you add the hashtag #StarPrimeBLD

2. Register.

Visit to register for an account and create your free gaming profile.

3. Customize.

Get creative and customize your new StarPrime Gaming profile.


Winners of the new NZXT Gaming PC will be chosen this way:

  • We select the coolest customized StarPrime Gaming profiles.
  • We will showcase them on our instagram.
  • Based on the amount of likes & comments a profile receives, a winner will be determined.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to have an amazing brand new custom gaming PC. The steps are simple, so what are you waiting for? This new NZXT could be yours!

Winners will be announced on 7/31/18

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