The Takeover of Battle Royal Games

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    When it comes to video games, nothing seems to be more iconic then the shooting genre. From DOOM, to Call of Duty, it is safe to say that these genre of games out sell the others. And with each passing year, either a new game becomes “the game to play”. Either by technological advancement, or more commonly, a new way to experience the shooter genre. The past couple of years, we have seen arguably one of the largest shift in shooter popularity…the Battle Royal. From the DayZ original “King of the Kill” spawning the initial idea, to Player Unknown’s Battle ground bringing the Battle Royal style to the fore front of games, and finally Fortnite taking Battle Royal to the next level and making it mainstream. Because of it’s popularity, you may start seeing Battle Royal game modes in upcoming shooters. Rumor has it that both Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption 2 will have their own version of a Battle Royal game mode and many others to come. With all this being said, how do you feel about the idea of possibly having a Battle Royal game mode in your up and coming shooters? Do you like Battle Royals? PUBG or Fortnite? And what would you like to see in a Battle Royal or what game do you want to include a Battle Royal game mode? Discuss!

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