How To Start With eSports

Being an eSports superstar doesn’t have to be just a dream job, it can be your career. It’s now easier than ever to start competing playing games and rake in piles of cash at the same time. Getting sponsorship deals for big cash, awesome gaming hardware, clothing, and the all the rest comes after you decide to get serious about eSports.

Getting started with eSports doesn’t have to be hard – most people simply just don’t know where to start. Starprime Gaming makes it easy for aspiring eSports gamers to start competing and learning.

Pick Your Game

The very first thing you need to do to start with eSports is to find a game that is not only currently the most fashionable, but a game you also enjoy. If you enjoy the game you are playing, you will be more engaged with it and better at it. Some great eSports games to explore are StarCraft2, League of Legends, Diablo, CS:GO, SMITE, Dota2, and/or Hearthstone.

Join Starprime Gaming

Even if you’re a complete noob, we can help you get to where you want to be to start competing in eSports. Starprime Gaming offers special online training and tutorials for gamers who are looking to gain a career focus and get serious about eSports. Training is crucial. Put in as many hours as you can learning and your gaming skills will surely improve.

Interact With Other Gamers

Interact with other gamers and network with them through our platform.

  • Build your Team – Ask them to join your eSports team! Be friendly and outgoing and interact with fellow gamers – it’ll encourage them to join your team.
  • Start Conversations! Get yourself all over our forums and discussions and converse with other members.


As you feel more ready, you may begin competing in our tournaments. Your best best is to start with our Amateur tournaments. As you begin to win matches and move up through competitions, or even just play well and show potential, you will be able to move up and compete against more experienced players until you are already competing on a professional level.

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