Is eSports a Legitimate Sport?

The topic of eSports is spreading like wildfire and it has attracted fans and players from all over the world. A main reason for the popularity of eSports is its adaptability to one’s current life. eSports is essentially competitive gaming, and they can be played indoors from the comfort of your chair. eSports are usually played on the computer and are often very fun. However, is eSports considered to be a legitimate sport?

Competitive gaming has been around since about the early 1980’s and has essentially revolved around the concept of challenging friends in playing video games. The very first video game tournament to take place is the Space Invaders Tournament by Atari in 1980. More than 10000 participants showed up for this event, and that sowed seeds for the eSports industry.

Afterwards, console games and arcade games were at the center of the stage during the 1990s, they were very commonly played eSports. Big companies, ( such as Blockbuster and Nintendo) pioneered the concept of sponsoring, and hence the tournaments began to arise with specific rules and regulations.

Later on in 2000, the domination of PC gaming brought the eSports competitions to light, making it a little more mainstream.

Once Real Time Strategy games appeared on the scene and “StarCraft: Brood War” became wildly popular,  it proved to have much strategic potential and then became one of the the driving forces for the eSports world. By 2000 and beginning of the millennium many tournaments started coming up. In the last two decades, there have been numerous games and sports available in the world.

Some common eSports games include Counter Strike and Dota 2.

Due to its accessibility, eSports is currently becoming more successful than all other sports. eSports gamers can compete from literally anywhere. Also, the social media and streaming platforms have given a new dimension to eSports since they can now be broadcasted across the world.

Given all the reasons above, eSports is considered an actual sport and significant sports network, including Fox Sports, and ESPN have already started broadcasting. Many colleges and universities acknowledge eSports as a legitimate sport also. With it’s growing fanbase and opportunities, there has never been a better time to get into this wonderful world.

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