Learn How To Be a Gamer With Star Prime Gaming

Are you new to the world of gaming and would love to get into eSports, but have no idea how?  Star Prime Gaming can help! We have a full set of resources to help the beginner and even advanced gamers excel and practice. Our Star Prime Gaming University is home to online training and tutorial sessions. These sessions teach everything from the basics of how gaming works, to how to get started with your first professional eSports tournament.

Getting the right foundation set is vital for any learning path, and the same applies to gaming. How can you expect to be an expert in something you haven’t invested time learning into? Our Star Prime Gaming University allows gamers of all skill levels to take any courses of their liking at their convenience. This means that you can take courses at your own pace, without the stress of deadlines.

Once you have taken all beginner sessions and tutorials, you may move on to the more intermediate material such as specific gameplay tutorials and participating in online tournaments. To ensure everyone has a fair opportunity, all of our online tournaments are categorized by levels, so each gamer can enter which one they feel they will be most proficient at.

Once a Star Prime Gaming member is ready, they can compete in professional eSports tournaments. To get started with our online gaming training and tutorial sessions, join our gaming community today!