Participate in Star Prime Gaming eSports Tournaments

Prove you have what it takes to be called a pro eSports gamer. With Star Prime Gaming, not only do you have the chance to sharpen and train your gaming skills, but we provide you with a tournaments platform that allows you to showcase those skills. We offer daily competitive tournaments for esports players of every skill level. Sign up today for a Star Prime Gaming account and start qualifying for exciting online tournaments and live events. Our tournaments are categorized by difficulty level, making is easy for a gamer to choose a competition that they feel the would do best at.

Each of our tournaments have a prize for the winner and are based online and provided by us. This is your chance to play your favorite video games against other players and actually get prizes out of it. As soon as you sign up for a Star Prime Gaming account, you have access to enroll and compete in our online tournaments.

When competing in online tournaments with us, it’s also important to note the benefits of doing so.

  • Learn to play with others
  • Make Friends
  • Watch and learn
  • Earn Prizes