How to Start Your Career in eSports with Star Prime Gaming

Becoming an eSports professional seems like only a dream to most gamers. If you want to take the big step from gaming recreationally to turning it into your career, there is no better way to get started than with Star Prime Gaming. With tons of online resources such as gaming training and tutorial sessions, online competitions, and more, we give gamers the platform they need to grow and succeed in the eSports gaming world.

Esports nowadays is rising in popularity and it grows more and more each day. Tournaments are filled with the the sound of cheering fans as pro gamers compete for the winning prize. The demand for eSports gamers is at it’s highest and the opportunities are there, waiting for you to take them. Want to be the next big thing in eSports?

Here are some tips we have put together to facilitate your journey on becoming an eSports gaming pro.

Watch what you play

Choosing a game is integral to becoming an eSports pro gamer. You may already be playing a game used in competitions.  E.G.  Rocket LeagueStarcraft II, CS:GO. These are just a few of the games played by professionals, and if you’re already actively playing them, you have a great foundation to begin polishing your gaming skills for professional competition.

Join our community

Every pro gamer needs a platform. You may feel you still are not ready to join a gaming community, but with Star Prime Gaming, that is far from the truth. Any gamer with any experience level may join our online gaming community and start competing. If you still feel you aren’t ready to begin competing, you may hone your skills with our training and tutorial sessions. These are designed to help grow you as a gamer and improve your abilities. Once you are already competing in our online tournaments, you can move up the difficulty levels until you are ready to compete in an international professional eSports gaming tournament.

Practice other games

Many esports games, like League of Legends, are team-based. If you’re completely new to gaming, team-based games may be harder to understand. Instead, try some 1v1 games —and even play them periodically. Some great starting points are Magic Online or Hearthstone.

Are you ready?

Alright, so you have a main game, are practicing, and are part of our community, what’s next? We recommend you participate in our online competitions as much as you can. They only way anyone gets better at anything is with practice and repetition. Start improving your gaming technique. Take some time to go back to our training resources to sharpen up. Before you even know it, you will be well on your way to call yourself a professional eSports gamer.