The Benefits of eSports and Competitive Gaming

There are lots of benefits for eSports gamers and their personal development competitive gaming provides despite popular belief that gaming does just the opposite.

eSports gaming helps gamers develop their puzzle solving, teamwork, creative and communicative skills. Plus, they are also known to enhance reading and writing skills.

eSports provide a way for gamers to socialize and interact with each other especially within a very supportive community (like Starprime Gaming). Being part of an online eSports community also allows gamers to be with their friends even when they aren’t able to physically be with them.

Competing in eSports can also promote prosocial behavior and improve skill development. Moreover, for one to succeed in eSports competitive gaming, they must persistently practice and build sophisticated skill sets. Competitive eSports gaming is also known to improve spatial cognitive benefits. Video games, especially when played competitively can provide an enriched medium for strategic problem solving.

Expert game players are known to demonstrating enhanced short-term memory, executive control/self-monitoring, pattern recognition, visual-spatial abilities (e.g., object rotation), and task-switching efficiency, along with more efficient problem-solving skills.

Competing in eSports provides a great amount of benefits, not only in being able to do what you love, but also in helping to sharpen your skills and abilities. Becoming a competitive gamer in the fast growing industry of eSports is now more accessible than it ever has been.

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