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Welcome to the first season
of Star Prime Gaming




APRIL 27, 2018 4pm PST / 5pm MST / 6pm CST / 7pm EST

1st Place Prize



Every player must join the game within 5 mins of match time or entire team forfeits.

Full rules can be read here.

This document outlines the rules that should at all times be followed when participating in a SPG Series competition.

Failure to adhere to these rules may be penalized as outlined.

It should be remembered that it is always the administration of the tournament that has the last word, and that decisions that are not specifically supported, or detailed in this rulebook, or even goes against this rulebook may be taken in extreme cases, to preserve fair play and sportsmanship.

1. Warmup

  • Every player and coach from the two teams playing will have 5 minutes before the match begins to join the server.
  • If a player does not join within the 5 minutes that team will forfeit unless there is a clear issue server side.
  • Once every player joins every player must type “!ready” to confirm they are ready
  • After every player has readied map veto will occur.
  • A player from each team will veto a map going from team to team until the desired number of maps is reached.
  • If match is Bo1 desired maps is 1. If match is Bo2 desired maps is 2 and so forth.
  • Once map veto is over players will be sent to new map.
  • Once all players and coaches arrive players must type “!ready” again.
  • Once all players are ready match will begin.

2. Live Match

  • The beginning round of every side players will begin with $800.
  • Every match will be a bomb defusal situation.
  • Maps will consist of Dust II, Cache, Cobblestone, Mirage, Inferno, Nuke, Overpass, and Train.
  • The buy time of every match will be 15 seconds.
  • The C4 timer will be set to 40 seconds.
  • Every half will last 15 rounds.
  • After the first 15 rounds teams will switch sides.
  • First team to 16 rounds win.
  • If each team ends with 15 rounds won each overtime will begin

3. Overtime

  • At the beginning of Overtime each player will receive $10,000 dollars.
  • Each Overtime will last 6 rounds.
  • If a winner is not decided another overtime will continue.

4. Cheating

  • No forms of external assistance is allowed.
  • Any cheats that allow: wall hacks, aim assistance, automatic shots, spin botting, or any other cheats will result in a permanent ban.
  • Players caught cheating will not be allowed to play any SPG game or skirmish and there are no exceptions.
  • Players caught losing on purpose will also receive a ban.
  • The receiving player of said ban for losing on purpose can receive a ban from a year to permanent depending on match and situation.
  • Team killing will also result in a ban if repeated and on purpose.
  • Team killing ban length will depend on the admin of SPG.
  • All ban lengths can be changed to be longer or shorter by SPG admin.

5. Conduct

  • All players will show sportsmanlike conduct during all matches and skirmishes of game play.
  • Any offensive, rude, insensitive, and threating comments are made the player may be banned.
  • SPG admin can determine the length of the ban at their discretion.
  • SPG is an inclusive community to all and will not allow for bullying or discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identification, preferred pronouns, religious orientation, or any other forms of community.
  • Racist and intolerant views that are directed towards people will result in a ban.
  • No gun names that are deemed racist, intolerant, and insensitive are allowed during matches and skirmishes.