Upcoming Fortnite Solo Tournament on July 8 2018

Do you have what it takes to defeat the competition and claim victory? Join fellow esports gamers from all around the world for an epic online battle!

Are YOU the BEST Fortnite player? Find out as Starprime Gaming hosts this Solo Fortnite Tournament on June 8 2018. Compete against other gamers online for a huge opportunity of getting started in the world of esports and winning prizes. The entry fee for this Fortnite Tournament is just $15.


Here are the prizes for winners of this Fortnite tournament:

Prizes given:

1st – $250

2nd – $150

3rd – $50

4th – 10th – $20

11th – Nth (10% of sign-ups) – $10 (Prizes will be awarded with a pre-paid visa card)


Scoring to determine winners will be done using a points system. A point total will be calculated based on: number of kills, placement in match, and head shots.


Don’t miss out and sign up for this awesome Fortnite eSports tournament today! To sign up for and/or for the full rules and more information on this Fortnite tournament, please visit this page.

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